Biometric Solutions

Face Recognition Attendance System

SBiFaceKF200 - Face Identification Time

Attendance System

SBFACEKF200 is an attendance terminal which is used to identify and authenticate the humans face for attendance purpose. Being a contactless Face attendance terminal is more suitable for any working place such as Construction and industrial environment. It holds up to 400 faces, 1,000 proximity cards and 80,000 transaction logs.

SBiFaceMB300 - Multi-Biometric Identification
Time Attendance System

SBFACEMB300 is having all the features of SBFACEKF200 additionally support fingerprint verification. It holds 400 faces, 500 fingerprints, 1000 cards and 80000 transaction logs.

SBiFace401 - Face Identification Time Attendance System

SBFACE 401 is capable to authenticate the face as well as to control the door access. In some places we need to enable the restricted user access at the same time need to know who entered at what time. In this case this is a appropriate product to satisfy your needs. It holds up to 1,200 faces, 10,000 proximity cards and 100,000 transaction logs.

SBiFace402 - Multi-Biometric Identification Time Attendance System

SBFACE 402 is having all the features of SBFACE 401 additionally it will support fingerprint for multi authentication. It holds 1,200 faces, 10,000 proximity cards, 2,000 fingerprint and 100,000 transactions logs.

SBiFace700 – Multi Biometric Face, Finger & RFID Attendance and Access Control System Terminal

SBiFace700 is a multi-biometric identifications access control device that integrates with Face, Fingerprint, PIN recognition and optional with RFID recognition. As to facial identification algorithm, it captures the relative position, size and shape of user's eyes, nose, cheekbones and jaw features. These feature templates are used to match feature data. When users verify on devices, it distills captured features into value and compares with templates to eliminate variance.