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Biometric door locks marks the advent biometrics into people's everyday life. With biometric door handles available at large, biometrics is now a household thing. Biometric doorknobs are now being increasingly used in villas, condos, offices and even server rooms.

With biometric door locks, your fingerprint is the key. They replace keyed locking mechanisms with a fingerprint sensor that actually recognizes who is and who is not authorized to enter.

Biometric door locks gives you the power to secure your home with the latest in technology and at the same time eliminating the headache of shared or lost keys. Now with the fingerprint biometric door locks you can have both security and peace of mind.

Biometric door locks guarantees peace of mind by eliminating the need for managing keys. How many times have you lost your keys? How many times have you replaced your lock? We all have been through such conditions, and know the frustration of waiting outside, not able to anything.

Fingerprint door locks are very easy to install and can be fitted easily like any other lock. Each lock has a biometric scanner which scans the individual fingerprints. Once registered all users of the lock can easily access the premises whenever they want without any trouble. Fingerprint records can be added and deleted on the fly, so in case you have a shared residence, you can easily add any new fingerprints and even delete the obsolete ones.