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Simplify your Attendance Process

Industry leading STONE BRIDGE Time & Attendance Software features a power full various configurations, easy to use, simple to learn & Eye cache User interface. Who needs cost effective solution they may choose Desktop version, To control multiple branch with employee self service & time off manager they may chose web version and yes we have cloud ready app too. This is one of the best Time & Attendance Software all over the world

Seamless Dashboard Report

Our Dashboard report will show you a quick view of total Present / absent / Leave / on duty status in a day or in a shift. Late comers & Leave applied list also shown in your dashboard.

Powerful Shift Setting

Our shift management will allow you to assign grace period for Late, early exit, Minimum Over time slab, Over time rounding to cut down the fractional value. Assign weekly off to any day that is Monday – Sunday.

Flexible / Fixed Working hours

You can configure each & every employee to follow the shift time or flexible working time.

Automatic Shift Allotment

Most of the manufacturing / engineering company facing the shift allotment issue in their time & attendance software. And some of the Time & attendance software unable to calculate the night shift.

STONE BRIDGE Time & Attendance software will efficiently handle those issues. Our Attendance engine will handle the night shift as well as automatic shift allotment without any manual intervention.

User definable Overtime Slab

Every company has their own overtime pay rate. STONE BRIDGE Time & Attendance software will allow to define the Over time rate as per your company norms. Even you can define special overtime pay rate for public holiday & weekly off.

Track Employee Movements

It will closely monitor the employee's lunch break & on duty movements and give you the appropriate report to identify who went at what time and when did they returned.

Real Time Attendance Editor

In some cases, the HR want to update the in / out time, need to change the shift, attendance status and so on. STONE BRIDGE Time & Attendance software will allow to do the changes and in background, our Attendance Engine will calculate the working hours, late, early our, Over time on the fly.

Micro Level User Access rights

STONE BRIDGE Time & Attendance software will allow to create multiple user and each user can access one or more branch details. For ex. An User from Head office can access all branch details but branch manager can access his / her branch staff details.

Moreover, STONE BRIDGE Time & Attendance software will allow to take the control of entire menu system. i.e. one user can see shift menu other's cannot. One can create / edit employee but cannot delete employee.

Powerful Reports

Attendance report by status.

Incomplete attendance.

Late / Early exit report.

Attendance status report by Shift.

Monthly Performance Report

Leave taken / balance report.

and much more...

Export to various formats

Doc, Docx - Word Document.

PDF - Portable Document Format.

XLS, XLSX - Excel Document..

CSV - Comma Separated Value.

JPG - Image File

HTML - Web Document.

and much more...

Real Sync Monitor

Below features are available in Time & Attendance Web / Cloud application software