Multi Locations

For companies with multiple locations, these issues are experienced tenfold. It becomes very difficult for HR personnel to keep track of attendance data of every employee, at every site. As a result, it may lead to erroneous payroll calculations and chaos. It may also lead to delay in salary payments. Hence, such companies require a solution that enables them to manage attendance and payroll data of each employee from a central location.

Our SBIN01 / SBFACE401 and Web based STONE BRIDGE solutions provide a perfect answer to these issues. The devices are specifically designed to meet the needs of multi-location organizations. Furthermore, the devices can be connected with a central server at a single location. This resolves the problem of collecting large amount of employee attendance data from multiple locations. The devices allow attendance marking of each employee based on their credentials, such as fingerprint, Face, etc., leaving false attendance marking completely out of the equation. The solutions also offer flexible attendance policies.